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It’s                        Now is the time to clean that overcrowded garage, get the gardening tools out, and make more time for playing outside with your dog and giving your kitty some spring-time checkups and grooming.

A few tips for “Spring Cleaning”.

Increase workouts slowly - Take advantage of sunny mornings, late day sunsets, and warmer weather by walking and playing with your dog outside more. Play a few games of fetch or frisbee in the yard or at the dog park. Take it slow if your dog hasn’t had too much exercise during the winter. Spring is a great time to go for extra long walks and burn off those few pounds that your dog (and maybe you) have gained this past winter.

Schedule a vet check – With longer days, more sun, and playtime outside, your dog or cat needs to start up the flea and tick preventatives and heart worm medication if you haven’t kept her on it through the winter. A spring time vet check is a great way to see how your dog or kitty is doing and if she needs a new diet, some more exercise, or if she’s doing fine.

Grooming – Shedding increases as weather warms up. Dogs lose their winter coat and regular brushing will keep shedding under control. Make sure to brush all the way down to the skin to remove dead hair and debris. If your dog is overdue for a haircut, make an appointment with your groomer. Your cat will also need more brushing and a good nail trim.

Keep the feet clean – As spring rolls in so does rain. Muddy feet after playtime can make a mess of your house. When playtime is over, wipe your dog’s feet and make sure to get in between the toes. Mud can cause fur to tangle up


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